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Building a Brighter Future for All

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Fostering Family Services

A Word About Us

Fostering Family Services LLC is a Human Services Agency located in the historic town of Portland, Connecticut. As a Human Services Agency, we offer an array of services; this includes, but is not limited to Supervised Visitation, Transportation of students to and from school, Mentoring Services, etc.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Fostering Family Services is to inspire at least one child, if not more. If we are able to inspire just one child to do better, to look beyond their circumstances, and to succeed against all odds, we will have achieved our goal. Our mission, however, is not complete with the success of just one child. It is a mission we intend to pursue with every child in hopes of providing each one with equal opportunity; the opportunity to progress, the opportunity to receive the support they need, and the opportunity to be successful.

What We Do

What We Can Do

Supervised Visitation

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Fostering Family Services

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